Clapton Channels Christmas


Eric Clapton released his first solo Christmas Album last month - Happy Xmas . I can't believe it took me so long to listen to it in its entirety, which I finally did this week. It's great - delivers on some solid hits, all with a very Clapton blues feel, and also has some great surprises... like the super catchy electric instrumental jam, "Jingle Bells." Clapton is really, really good at music and this collection of tunes is no exception. I can tell this one will stay on rotation even after this holiday season ends. 

The album was released October 12 so you can find it everywhere. Here is the full track list. I highly recommend it!

Happy Xmas Track List

1. White Christmas
2. Away In A Manger (Once In Royal David’s City)
3. For Love On Christmas Day
4. Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday
5. Christmas Tears
6. Home For The Holidays
7. Jingle Bells (In Memory Of Avicii)
8. Christmas In My Hometown
9. It’s Christmas
10. Sentimental Moments
11. Lonesome Christmas
12. Silent Night
13. Merry Christmas Baby
14. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Pete the Cat Drops Christmas Tracks


Yesterday, an expanded 28-track CD was released right on time for the holiday season. The 19-track album was released last month and the new nine bonus tracks feature six festive original holiday songs Pete recorded with friends, including Dave Matthews and Jason Mraz. I know my kids love just about anything Pete puts out there so I am thrilled there are some fun holiday tunes we can all learn together this season. Pete's normal tunes are pretty groovy too, so this is a welcome addition to add to our children's music collection.

You can download/buy the album here, and this is the full track list:

Pete the Cat
1.  Pete the Cat feat. Elvis Costello – Pete The Cat Theme 
2.  Pete the Cat feat. KT Tunstall – CatGo & The Nine Lives 
3.  Pete the Cat feat. Diana Krall – Blueberry Cupcake Blues 
4.  Pete the Cat feat. Elvis Costello & Diana Krall – Going To The Beach 
5.  Pete the Cat feat. Bob – Go Pete Go 
6.  Pete the Cat feat. The Resolutions – Sandcastles Made Of Sand 
7.  Pete the Cat feat. KT Tunstall – Catalina Casesolver 
8.  Pete the Cat feat. Bob – Just Gotta Be You 
9.  Pete the Cat feat. Tom Freund – Blank Page Blues 
10.  Pete the Cat feat. KT Tunstall – Let It Slide 
11.  Pete the Cat feat. Bob & Callie – Begin To Begin 
12.  Pete the Cat feat. Emma – Emma's Weird Song 
13.  Pete the Cat feat. The Resolutions – This Song Is Not A Lullaby 
14.  Pete the Cat feat. Bob & Callie – Roll Baby Roll 
15.  Pete the Cat feat. KT Tunstall – CatGo's Weird Song 
16.  Pete the Cat feat. Gustavo – Being The New Kid 
17.  Pete the Cat feat. Callie – Bacon & Egg Boogaloo 
18.  Pete the Cat feat. The Resolutions – Imagine Things Are Going Great 
19.  Pete the Cat feat. Michael Hodges – Three Bite Rule
CD Bonus Tracks
20.  Pete the Cat feat. The Resolutions – The Scariest Place 
21.  Pete the Cat feat. Bob – One Cat's Bucket 
22.  Pete the Cat feat. the Resolutions – The Legend of the Christmas Cat 
23.  Pete the Cat feat. Grumpy – The Gettingest Time of the Year 
24.  Pete the Cat feat. the Resolutions – Holiday Chi Chi Mamba 
25.  Pete the Cat feat. Dave Matthews – Lend a Hand 
26.  Pete the Cat feat. Swampy Marsh – Hula Hula Holiday 
27.  Pete the Cat feat. Gerald Trottman & Michael Hodges – Jingle Cat 
28.  Pete the Cat feat. Jason Mraz – The Givingest Time of the Year