Is Your Advent Calendar Ready?

Christmas Vacation advent calendar

There are a lot of cute Advent Calendars on the market, and even more amazing DIY creations. Last year I wrote about the Lego version we have used the past couple years and we went with this again for 2018. I get all crazy panicked that they are going to sell out, plus I want to get the best deal, so we have had ours sitting in a closet for almost a month now. I am the most excited about it thus far as the kiddos don't even know it's here yet. But - December is around the corner and always sneaks up, so if you are planning on counting down next month and don't have your plan in place, now is the time. We were shopping at Target for Halloween decorations and saw this adorable Disney Grinch Advent Calendar

And if you want to spend the big bucks, you can always splurge on the awesome, and seemingly giant, Christmas Vacation Advent Calendar. I love this idea in theory, but honestly I am not even sure I would actually want that one as my own. I have always wanted to make my own perfect family version, but I am still unsure exactly what that looks like... so until then I keep my eyes open for ideas. That actually gave me an idea. I created a Pinterest board for Advent Calendars where I will hone my vision and also give you some ideas should you be hunting for you and yours.

If we hadn't already purchased our Lego City one I may have reconsidered getting the Grinch.