My Favorite Christmas Department

Eddie's RV Department 56

Holiday decorating can get mundane, if you let it. That's why I was so refreshed when I was introduced to Department 56 a few years back. Along with classic holiday villages and accessories, the company also offers what I consider some really unique options for your holiday tablescapes and home decor. My favorite has been their licensed Christmas Vacation collection. It adds a little spunk to the season, and for me personally pulling in some great pop culture reference is fantastic. I know I am not alone in this, but Christmas Vacation was a staple in my house growing up, has become a staple in my own family's holiday traditions and I honestly dare anyone not to smile during at least 75% of the film. I actually worked with a woman who admitted that her husband had never seen the movie and although I only met him face-to-face a few times, that fact was always looming in the back of my mind. We went to the theater to see this as a family when it first came out and my dad had to pull the car over on the way home because he was laughing so hard he started crying and couldn't see. What part got him so hung up you ask? Snot. Just the sheer idea and memory of that dog had my dad so torn up he couldn't drive. It's one of my favorite family memories and it's just one of the classic movie moments that make me smile. So when it comes time to pull these bad boys out of storage each year, it always feels as exciting as the very first time and I love that one of my most treasured holiday memories will be passed onto my kiddos through not only the film itself, but also as it's woven into our family holiday traditions with these special decorations. Thus far, we have Cousin Eddie's RV, jogging Margo and Toddthe Griswald house, Cousin Eddie shitter was full and Margo and Todd's house. Another fun tradition for my family is that we try to add to our collection annually, which delights my inner Christmas nerd just knowing we aren't done yet. This year, I have my eye on a present for Clark which depicts Cousin Eddie's misguided attempt and getting Clark the perfect Christmas gift.

And if Christmas Vacation isn't your thing - first off don't admit that publicly (I jest... sort of), but do check out all the other awesome collectibles Department 56 has to offer. They also delve into Halloween and other holidays, so it's a great bookmark for gift-giving the holiday nut in your life.