It's Beginning to LEGO® Lot Like Christmas

Lego Christmas Advent Calendars

Cheesy title aside, it's an exciting time for Christmas-loving LEGO® fans as the annual Lego advent calendars are now officially for sale. As mom of two LEGO®-loving boys, the LEGO® City Advent Calendar we did last year was a home run at our house. The kids played with all the characters throughout the year and I am so excited to order ours early this season. For those not in the know, these advent calendars have been offered on/off since 1998 and the 2017 options offer the same three trends as last year. You can choose from LEGO® CityLEGO® Star Wars or LEGO® Friends. Each calendar has a punch out box for each day of December that contains a new build. We like the LEGO® City version, which offers either a character or accessory each day for the kids to build and add to the ever-growing holiday city scene. At my house, we switched off days so the boys traded off being able to open the box and build every day... adding excitement and a lesson of patience each day, both valuable in my humble opinion. They loved seeing the scene come together and played with all the parts as a unit and separately. They also enjoyed guessing which part of the city they would get the next day, so the excitement never really ended with this gem. 

Since we are a holiday-obsessed family, our elf on the shelf comes out the day after Thanksgiving. Our tradition is for him to bring a gift with him upon his arrival back from Santa's workshop, and this advent calendar is the perfect gift for him to deliver. It gives you a few days to pump up excitement and provides some positive behavior incentive for moms and dads for a few days before the official Christmas countdown begins. It was a really fun activity for us to do as a family and we also used it to help reiterate the lessons of counting and patience as two excited little boys remain on overdrive awaiting Santa's return. I would recommend ordering yours early though as the closer you get to December, the harder - and more expensive - they get. LEGO® never disappoints in our house, and the LEGO® City Advent Calendar is no exception.

You can purchase here. They retail starting for $29.99, but get them while you can. These are almost guaranteed to sell out as we inch closer to the big day.