It's (Almost) the Day of the Show Y'all


Christmas never really goes away around our house as we keep a pretty strong presence all year, but when July rolls around it really does start to feel like Christmas. And yes, I do realize what that sounds like to those people that feel like holiday radio stations starting the day after Thanksgiving is too soon. There is a reason for Christmas in July though... it's literally the halfway point and in my envisioned best version of myself, I begin to come on stronger with the holiday prep. The annual Hallmark Keepsake Ornament debut has become a fun ritual at our house. Just today, the older kiddos went through their own Dreambooks circling all the ornaments they wanted. At five and three, they are not incredibly discerning and I think a total of six ornaments (combined) went unpicked. We love our ornaments.

That said, I know we will be getting at least a handful this year. My favorites, so far at least, are Walt and Mickey, Maui, Rowlf, and The Kissing Hand. On my oldest son's first day of school, the teacher handed each child that book and we read it. It's a very sweet story where the mom and child each kiss each other's hand so that they can keep a kiss close should they miss each other too much during the school day. That memory is fresh in my mind now, but I love imagining my older self hanging it on the tree each year and walking back to his first year of school. Maybe I will even get to tell his kids the story while they help me decorate someday.

The first round of Keepsake ornaments are available for sale starting July 14, with more being released on October 6. And you can see the whole collection here.