A DIE HARD Christmas for All!

Die Hard Christmas Book

I love DIE HARD. It's a fantastic Christmas movie and stand out action flick. Both those are obvious - but the catch is that my kids are too young to fully embrace its awesomeness... until now. DIE HARD has now become a Christmas book. I repeat - DIE HARD is now a Christmas book. A Die Hard Christmas: The Illustrated Holiday Classic comes out on October 24, but is already available for pre-order. The book is based on the classic "Night Before Christmas" poem, but with the modern twist of amazing film-inspired illustrations and quirky copy pulling from the classic movie plot, foreign villains, renegade cop and machine guns included. This book sounds like such a win/win and I know it will be on my short list for gifts for film-loving friends and family this year. It already feels like a gift to know I get to introduce my kids to the wonder that is John McClane and start teaching them to respect one of my favorite holiday movies that I won't let them watch yet.