A Sad Snowman
Oh no, it's a sad snowman.
An Ungrinch Present Arrives
Ungrinch is here to save the day.
A Snowman with flair
Now we have a happy snowman.

Check One, Check Two. Sibilance, Sibilance

Drinking Coffee with Christmas socks on

They say the first time for anything is the most difficult... well, people like me say that so that they can excuse why they haven't started their blog yet. So here goes.  

About me: 
I love the holidays. Nearly everything about them. The warm feelings, comforting smells and most of all the magical decorations. 

I believe there is power in the holiday spirit. I do realize how that can sound... stay with me. Everyone feels good at the holidays, for the most part. It's a feeling that only the grinchiest of grinches can deny they don't have at least once per season. That feeling, that little undeniable happy moment, is what ungrinch is all about. The fun of the holidays, no restrictions. We live the holidays, all year long, and invite you to join us.