33 is the Magic Number


One of my favorite things about the holiday season are the mass amount of Hallmark Christmas movies that come out each year. And if I am being completely honest, my season for holiday movies stretches out the entire year. I usually try to wait until July to start watching, but I never succeed. I cannot tire of the joy they bring to me. I know they are arguably cheesy and almost always predictable, but I wholeheartedly love them and this year Hallmark is releasing 33 brand spanking new movies for me to gush about. The movies start airing on Friday, October 27, 2017 and run through Monday, January 1, 2018. I. Cannot. Wait. I will be reviewing them throughout the season, but as a little preview, since I have obviously already read through each flick's synopses, I thought I would call out a few that really caught my eye. Maybe you are an admitted Hallmark nut like me, or maybe you just secretly obsess - either way, here we go!!

Sister Christmas Swap
Estranged twin sisters swap lives for the holiday season?! The true meaning of life is discovered. Sign. Me. Up. I don't need to know any more, and cannot wait to see who will play the twins. I am not even going to look at the cast because I want to imagine who it could be. Hallmark has a few choice actresses for their holiday lineups and I already saw the one Lacey Chabert is in so I have my money on Alicia Witt or one of the Duff sisters. Whomever it is, I already trust she will slay the role.

Good Sam
An LA news reporter covers the story of the anonymous man who leaves $100k on the doorsteps of ten strangers and her coverage of said story thrusts her into a national spotlight. But as if that wasn't enough, it also dramatically changes her personal and professional life. In. First off, I love the name. I also love that it takes place in LA. I recently relocated from LA to Lake Tahoe, so any glimpse back is welcome to me, especially when it involves a Christmas movie. This one involves mystery and a love story. This one has to have a strong male and female sharing the plot... who could they be? I will have to give that one a bit more thought.

The Sweetest Christmas
This is the Lacey Chabert one I talked about earlier. Hallmark loves her. She is a struggling pastry chef who gets into the American Gingerbread Competition finals, but her oven breaks... and who can help but none other than her ex flame and local pizzeria owner. But he also used to be a pastry chef but he had to give up his dream to run the family business. Lucky for Lacey's character, he has a great big oven she can use to gingerbread her little heart out, and call me crazy... but I think she will also use her real heart for love while she bakes. This one sounds just great. Plus we get gingerbread inspiration. Hopefully it'll air before attempt gingerbread house version 2017 with the kids.

Ok, that's my top three based on the snippets. Stay tuned for reviews and you can read about all the new holiday movies Hallmark is releasing this year here.